Numeral system position issue in SAB 6.2

Apps, having Right to Left text, built through SAB 6.2, showing the position of Numbers, in app, as left to right instead from RTL.
Though the numerals are written in LTR but in SAB 6.2 the number of verse even goes to left of the screen where text ends. Also the position of full stop [.] goes to right end.
Apart from that, position of book list, Chapter selection and verse selection and position of introduction button, in drop down menu also got changed from RTL to LTR.

Please have a look in that matter too.

We don’t have RTL experts on the team. So the best thing you can do is to provide pictures of

  1. how it is now
  2. how should it look.

And also provide a Latin equivalent for reference. We need pictures as text for RTL as in some environments may not display the same as you are seeing them.

If you can’t post pictures in the message, send me a personal message and I will arrange to post them for you.

DId you have a look here …

At the bottom and of the string of mails I tried to explain what I think is a bug and I added an illustration … It seems to me that these issues are related …

I am having exactly the same issue, fresh install of SAB v6.2 release 52.

Here is how it looks now, and next to it (roughly) how it should look - I’ve just edited the screenshot in an image editing program to give the idea:

I thought this was an error of mine as I’m new to SAB, but it seems perhaps not?

Any help much appreciated!


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Thanks @andy_pi
That’s what I have experienced and posted.

@mcquayi please have a look over the matter.

Okay that makes it clearer.
Text is still RTL as it should be.
But Text is left aligned not right aligned.
Chapter number occur on the left not on the right.
Verse numbers occur on the left not the right.
The menu bar layout is all LTR not RTL.

If there is something I missed or no accurate in let me know.

Hope good news is going to be heard soon…

I just built an Arabic version that was fine before and it is still fine in 6.2 build.

Are you building on Windows or Mac or Linux?

If either of you can send me a link via private message to your project. I can look and test with that.

Can you check out 6.2.2 and see if the issues are fixed?

Just tried.

Now it’s working perfect.

Thanks a billion.

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Thanks @mcquayi I’ve just tried with 6.2.2 and the issue is fixed!
I really appreciate the fast help. God bless you for serving us in this way!