Re-releasing rejected app

My app, a songbook, was rejected and removed from the Google Play Store, because I had selected all age groups and Google concluded that it didn’t comply with their familly data policy. I have no idea how to satisfy their requirements (they sent a checklist with questions about our privacy policy, but I couldn’t find any discrepancies wth our privacy policy; besides, other apps with the same privacy policy have been accepted without a problem). So I decided simply to change the target age group to 16+.
I don’t know what will trigger Google to re-review the app, but just to be sure, I installed another release. This is identical to the previous release; I just changed the release number from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2 (and the version number from 1 to 2).
Has anyone experienced this problem, and do you think that the above steps will be sufficient for the app to get re-approved?

2-3 years ago they changed the family safety standards, since then I have found that if I choose 13yrs and older it is fairly simple to get approved. Younger than that I am unsure what is required.

The app should show whether it is under review or not in your dev console.

Google also took down my app, due to an alleged “advertisement” violation. If you are using Scriptoria, you will need to follow these steps:

This stuff is no fun, but I hope this info helps!